The Brains Behind

eWriting For Kids!

When Bob was an elementary school teacher, one of his favorite subjects was writing. After 16 years, two in the inner city, he began producing sound filmstrips and videos in his garage. His company, Pied Piper Media, released more than 40 titles on Literature for Children and English Composition, used in more than twenty thousand schools.

Bob Waterman

Executive Producer

Gary wrote, storyboarded & directed WIN THEM OVER! He oversaw the entire eWriting For Kids! program development, drafted website documents, and managed relations with programmers and designers. He has also written, produced, & directed motivational, educational, & interactive
media which have won 56 international festival prizes. Also, two of Gary's productions were chosen among the Top 20 Instructional Films of all time. He was a Senior Lecturer & administrator in the USC cinema school from 1995 to 2009.

Gary Goldsmith

Creative Director

Tim wrote and produced the Revising Guidelines and Editing Marks video tutorials and handouts. He gave invaluable in-the-trenches advice on teaching strategies, program documents, and teacher resources.

Tim Bedley

Classroom Strategist & Producer

Our Talented Team

Lynn Holt

Project Manager

Lynn Holt comes to Waterman Foundation with 20 plus years of Corporate Project Management Experience encompassing sales and marketing, budgets and legal viability of projects. Lynn has an equivalent degree in Environmental Science and has a comprehensive knowledge of technology and assists with all phases of the Waterman Foundation.

Lynn was a Court Appointed Child Advocate in Prescott, Arizona and has helped children through the Foster Care system to adoption.

Lynn was born in Chicago, Illinois but has spent the majority of her life in Arizona and California. She has traveled extensively in Europe and enjoys Paragliding, hiking, golfing and all outdoor adventures.